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Analysts estimate that it takes several contacts to connect with a person. After all, recruiting is not an event, but a process. These Tapestri Follow Up Emails works for you to make that contact.

Let's face it no one likes staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to say to their list. Trying to put together the right words might be a bit difficult.

Don't you worry, soon you'll have 14  16 18 ATTENTION GRABBING Free App Follow Up Emails you can use. 

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  • Say This To Networkers That Pitch You Their Business Opportunity
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Below You'll Find 6 Samples Of Your Free App Follow Up Emails 
You can use these follow up emails for more than just sending to your list.
  • Use them as a Blog Post
  • Use them in a facebook Post
  • Use them as small Articles
  • Share with your Team
  • *Some follow up emails are very generic. Can also be used for any other online business you have.
Here Is The Information You Requested...
I was thrilled to receive a response from you about our incredible amazing opportunity!
I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your interest and to congratulate you on taking the first steps towards reaching your financial goals!  
Many people simply sit by on the sidelines and never seize the chance to do something truly spectacular, but you've obviously got what it takes to succeed...

If It's Free Can It Really Pay You? 


I think that a lot of people are skeptical about(1) when something is free, and (2) how something free can pay you soo well.

So what is this free app that’s going viral, and where is this app getting the money to pay us. How is it sustainable?

It's easy! Brace yourself!

It will be selling our location data! BUT! Your data that it encrypts and makes you nothing more than an anonymous blip. Data that's literally worth billions of dollars and in return, they pay us for it...


FIRST NAME, Get Started On Your Road To Success...
It's always exciting to see someone else interested in achieving financial independence! 
When you took the time to fill out our information form, you showed that you're serious about taking control of your financial destiny. 
This outstanding amazing opportunity has already helped me realize my dream of living comfortably and being my own boss...
 It's You're Phone Data, Get Paid For It!
HEADS UP! No matter who you are, your age, creed, color, beliefs…Data doesn’t care and it never discriminates. 
Every single one of us has a phone, a social media account, uses a navigation app or dating app or banking app, etc. etc. and we CREATE data with every click or swipe.
What we aren’t told is how valuable that data is and how all of these apps and companies make bank by selling our data to the highest bidder...
I Discovered An Outstanding Business Opportunity...
I wanted to drop you this email and see how you are doing. Hopefully, you are doing well. But if you are feeling down about your job and financial status, you’re not alone.
Up until recently, I found myself in the same boat and felt like the boat was sinking. So I spent some time trying to find new and better options. That’s when I discovered an outstanding business opportunity.
What’s so great about this business?
First, you’re working for yourself, not someone else. This makes the work seem easier and more fun. Plus, you get to set your own hours right from the get-go...
Now It's Your Turn To Get A Piece Of The Pie!
Does it frustrate you that those big companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and credit cards companies are making BIG money from the data they collect from us?

If so then I know how you feel!

Yes! Billions are collected from you and me as we use our phones daily.

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing that you are providing the data and you're not getting one red penny for it.

What if I told you that finally, There's A Solution!...


  • Say This To Networkers That Pitch You Their Business Opportunity
Hi FIRST NAME, Sorry I'm not a good candidate for you, but I can still help. Have you installed the free app that pays you up to $25 a month for just knowing where you drove by? Plus pays $1 for all your friends that install the app. May I send you more information? 100% free, no ads, not crypto not MLM.
  • Send This Short Email To Signed Up Members That Never Installed The Free App
Hello FIRST NAME, You recently joined my Team at Tapestri, but I see that you don't appear in my back office as a Referral. So I'm reaching out to you see if you have any questions or concerns that are stopping you from installing the free app.
Contact me any time, I'm here to help.
Please watch this short video to get caught up again...


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